Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Customer Spotlight Sale

Needle Nook has been involved in community service projects for many years. Currently we are helping to raise funds for ovarian cancer research. Scientists are trying to develop an early detection test for ovarian cancer. We are now supporting "Ovarian Cycle", an indoor cycling event. Participants solicit sponsors for their 6 hour endurance ride. While we are not riding the bikes, we are sponsoring our first ever "Customer Spotlight Sale" on Saturday, May 3rd. Any of our customers can sign up and bring a table to sell their fiber-related wares from 2:00-6:00 this day. Many of our customers do other crafts including beading, polymer clay, quilting, sewing, weaving, knit and crochet and more. You are invited to bring your items and sell them to the public with the understanding that at the end of the day you will donate 15% of your sales to Ovarian Cycle. The only restriction is your hand spun yarn or original patterns. If you can't sell your goodies, you can still come by and support the effort by purchasing items from our customer vendors. In addition, Shirley Robb has donated this beautiful shawl to be raffled off at 6:00PM, after the sale ends. Tickets are $5.00 each and contributions are tax deductible if made out to Ovarian Cycle. Won't you help us to raise the funds they so desperately need for this research? Please sign up to sell or come by to purchase. You will be supporting an important effort. Thank you.


leslie said...

Hello... just wanted to stop by and say that I enjoy your blog! Is your website url posted on your blog? I'll have to see your wares!

Gotta Knit! said...

Great idea! and thank you for being so involved in the community.