Friday, December 19, 2008

Scarf Exchange and Scarf Model

Above is a photo of our Wednesday Knit Nite bunch at our recent scarf exchange. In July we filled out a form, chose names and started working on our secret pals scarf. They were presented this week and all were outstanding, one prettier than the next. Everyone was pleased with the outcome and we will definately do some type of exchange next year. Won't you join us?

Speaking of scarves, this is one I just finished. Talk about easy, this was it. It is cast on sideways and done in garter stitch, changing yarns every few rows. This combination was angora and baby alpaca dk. It came out longer than anticipated, even though I did make a very large (50 stitch) swatch, so keep this in mind if you want to try it. The end word for this scarf is soft. It is a dream around the neck. It looks much harder than it actually is, so give it a try.

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