Monday, June 22, 2009

This And That

Our very first time hosting a Knit In Public day was a success, even with a wrench in the plans. Our event was scheduled to be held at Artuzzi's restaurant but 3 days before they suddenly closed with no warning. Undaunted, Marian and Lou arranged to set up tables in front of the shop and carry on. When they went down to Artuzzi's on Sat. morning to hang a sign directing everyone to come to N. Nook, the new manager was there and invited us to come down and use the patio and help themselves to free drinks. They knit for a while at Needle Nook and then moved down to Artuzzi's patio for the rest of the afternoon. Everyone received a free needle card and a discount on yarn. Thanks to all who attended and we will try it again in the fall, when it is cooler.

I did not attend the TNNA show this year due to difficulty with my knees. Since I have seen all of the major reps, I hope I did not miss anything important. I am constantly on the lookout for new products to stock the shop. If you see anything I need to know about, please contact me or bring it in. I love new stuff.

Since we have no classes scheduled for July, I would like to invite our customers to drop by on Saturdays, July 11th, 18th or 25th, from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM to sit and knit or get help with a minor problem. We cannot help with major problems on these days. Please limit your questions to yarn you have purchased here and knitting only. Thank you.

Please note, we will be closed July 4th. We have not changed our Sunday hours for the summer. We will remain open every Sunday from 1PM - 4PM for your convenience. Hope to see you soon.


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