Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stitches Fun

Here we are with the Ravelry crew we spotted at Stitches on Friday morning. There's Alma, Eve and myself pictured with them. We had to stop and tell them how much we enjoyed Ravelry and they thanked us and gave us buttons to wear.
The Stitches market was very nice with many vendors attending. I saw many folks I have known over the years from TNNA shows. I did purchase some cute drawstring pouches for the shop and stitch markers too. The only thing I bought for myself was a beaded necklace kit, which I have already completed. It made me realize how much I enjoy working with beads and so I am trying out a few ideas. Who knows what it will come to, probably nothing. I did learn a beaded cast on from this kit and have used this on a new scarf model for the shop. It is coming out nice.
Mother's day is coming up this weekend and my daughter and I will head over to Home Depot to pick up some flowers. Then we will come home and pot them all up for the patio. We will also purchase vegetable plants for the garden. It should be a fun day. I hope you are able to spend time with a family member this Sunday or at least have a phone call. Tell Mom how much you love her. You can never hear it enough.
P.S. Final total for Ovarian Cycle fundraiser was $2,150.00. Thank you everyone.

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Lori J. London said...

Love you, Mom!