Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just Rocking Along

By this date I had expected to have already been to the hospital, had knee replacement surgery, and been home. But Mother Nature had other ideas. My surgery was scheduled for Monday, January 10th and I knew I was in trouble when it started snowing the evening of the 9th. I live on a hill, my street is slightly up a hill and then to turn off it there are hills both ways. There was no way I could get there. So now I am waiting for a cancellation or other miracle to happen so that I can get on with it. The bad part is that I have had to stop taking my anti-inflammatory medications which I didn't think helped that much but since stopping them have found out that they do help. The worst part is that my hands ache but I keep on knitting. Won't stop this for any reason that I can think of. I'm afraid to give in. I am working on several projects at once, the main one being the Curlicue Shawl Knitalong. This is coming along nicely, 5 of 13 sections done so far. I also finished a hat and a Rasta cowl. This is the one they have been advertising in the knitting magazines. I managed to get a copy of the pattern in advance and worked up the cowl. It was very easy. The pattern books should arrive soon along with another order of the bulky Rasta. If you haven't seen this yarn you really should take a look at it. Talk about instant gratification!

New spring yarns have started to arrive. First to come in is Baby Milk, a sport weight that knits at 5.5 stitches per inch. It's composed of 70% merino and 30% milk. There are free patterns on the Knitting Fever website. I haven't used it yet but it feels very nice.

Additional new yarns should trickle in over the next month or so. Be sure to check it out.


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Kay said...

Hi Arlene! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that a cancellation comes up soon and on a dry day!

Take care,
Kay in Oklahoma