Monday, December 24, 2007

I Finished One Sock

I have completed one sock from the new Kureyon sock yarn and I must admit I wasn't too keen on this yarn at first. It seemed scratchy compared to most of our wonderful sock yarns. But I was determined to knit one so knit it I did. There were some interesting slubs of unspun yarn along the way but the colors were great and very Noro looking. When finished I washed the sock lightly and rinsed in hair conditioner. That really softened it up and made it wearable. So yes, I give it a thumbs up as far as knitting socks. Since I am only knitting one sock for a shop model I have decided to knit a multi-directional scarf with the rest. I think this will work out great as it is so colorful. And since I know it will get softer, I am not worried about it being next to my skin. So if you are a colorful person, this yarn may be just the right ticket for you. Come by to see the model and capture a skein of your own. Remember, it's on special until 12/31/07. Happy Holidays everyone.

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