Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mrs. Wright's 4th Grade Class Visits.

The 4th grade class from the Children's School paid a visit to the Needle Nook in mid-December. Their teacher, Mrs. Wright, is teaching them to knit. Some of them already know how to knit. Last year's class knit squares which were then turned into an afghan. The afghan was auctioned off as a school fundraiser and brought in over $1,000.00. All 18 students (9 girls, 9 boys) will contribute a square to this year's afghan which will once again be used as a school fundraiser. You rock Mrs. Wright for teaching an important skill to both the girls and boys. I am looking forward to seeing the finished project so I can show it to all on this blog.

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Eve said...

I've got to say they were a great bunch of well behaved kids, and even more important, they all seemed excited about knitting.