Sunday, January 13, 2008

Teddy Bears Need Clothes!

The Needle Nook has always been committed to charity projects. Some of our past projects include chemo hats for Egleston and ovarian cancer scarves, the Red Scarf Project and currently we are knitting chemo hats for the Chemoflage Program. But we see a need in Atlanta for additional help for the Atlanta Knitting Guild's trauma bear project. The guild has been dressing bears for years and donating them to various organizations. They currently support the Georgia Center for Children which services children who have been abused in any number of ways. The counselors give a bear to the child while they are questioning them about unpleasant events that have occurred. The children find it soothing and relax more and will open up to the counselor. We have decided to support this project and are asking you to help us by knitting a sweater, hat, pants, dress or other items for a 12" - 18" bear. You do not need to provide the bear, only the clothing. You can find many free patterns on the web ( or A search will bring you many, many sites to check out. You can drop off your finished items at Needle Nook or mail them to us. This is a great way to use up scraps of yarn, half balls, etc. and reduce your stash. You will receive a warm glow from knowing the person you helped is an innocent child. If you are on Ravelry there is a brand new group you can join called "Charity Bear Knitters" and don't forget "Needle Nook Knitters". Thanks for your help.


atriana said...

The bear's outfit is really cute!

Anonymous said...

Add a little romance by sending this personalized "I Love You" teddy bear greeting with his/her first name. You don't need an occasion . . . Just choose the teddy bears color and treat (lollipop or toy pinwheel).