Thursday, November 8, 2007

I'm New At This

Everyone has a blog so now I've got one too. My Ravelry friends say I need a blog. So what should I blog about? Let's see. I guess I will talk about yarn and being a yarn shop owner since that is what I am and what I do.

I am the owner of Needle Nook, located in Atlanta, Ga. and have been for over 31 years. The shop has evolved from latch hook, crewel, needlepoint and cross stitch to knitting and a bit of needlepoint. I must say I enjoy the knitting aspect much more than the others although I did a tiny bit of latch hook early on, no crewel and a lot of cross stitch, mostly counted thread. That was back in the days when I could see better. Now I confine myself to knitting and the occasional needlepoint.

So I'll be talking more over the next few days. The big event going on shortly will be the Shop Hop which Needle Nook will be participating in, along with 9 other Atlanta knit shops. Call your favorite shop for full details

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