Sunday, November 25, 2007

Oh What Fun It Is To Have Gout!

I am truly in the holiday spirit. Had big plans to shop for gifts last week but Mother Nature had other plans. My left big toe area started hurting about 10 days ago, on a Friday. By Monday I could hardly walk and was able to get a doctors appt. that afternoon. Imagine my surprise when the diagnosis was gout, a build up of uric acid in a joint. Due to circumstances beyond my control I had to wait until Wed. to get proper medication. I started taking it, had a fairly decent Thanksgiving (feast was delicious), but had to stop taking it on Friday due to very bad GI upset, a common side effect. Since it is a holiday weekend, of course there is no one to call to get advice. I have to wait until Monday AM. But in the meantime I have been very productive sitting on my couch.

I have finished the following: second handwarmer, scarf for grandson, original shawl which was about 2/3 done, two Malabrigo squares for afghan project and am working on a second Toasty sock. At least sitting at home was not in vain. But I am going back to work on Tuesday because I have an appointment with Plymouth sales rep and then another appointment on Wednesday. This is also the season for purchasing spring yarns. I hope they will have some nice new items for me to see.

This year the relatives may have to do their own gift shopping since I don't think I will get to it before Hanukkah unless my foot feels much better. I think I'd better learn to internet shop although I really prefer to buy locally. Sometimes you just can't help it. Oh, I forgot, another thing I learned while at home is that I will never become a baker. I tried to make some chocolate thumbprint cookies and after slinging the dough all around the kitchen with my small hand-held mixer, I decided to let the bakeries have my business. There are some things that are best left to the professionals, like baking and yarn dyeing. I tried that once too and after just one episode decided the hand dyers deserved every dime they charged. Why bother when there are so many to choose from already? I'm sure there are those who enjoy this craft but I am not one of them. So I'll just stick to knitting their fabulous yarns and being amazed at what they can create. I'm just not cut out for it. I have more fabulous hand dyed yarn on order. I just can't stop myself. I need a support group. Help!!!


Anonymous said...

geez, arlene! I'm so sorry to hear about the least it makes you sit and knit! feel better soon!

Diana said...

Yeah, all it took was one attempt to make an Outback Bloomin' Onion in a pot of oil on my stove to convince me that Outback does it better! No one tells you that the (boiling) oil will look like a geyser on your stove when you drop the darned thing in!